Pack Your Bags...

With summer holidays around the corner, Apatchy is here to help you get sunshine ready with our bags and accessories hand picked for your stylish escape. 

So say goodbye to the days of that last minute holiday meltdown, and the frantic packing that leaves you with six bikini tops and two bottoms, odd flip flops and a drawer full of makeup, and hop on board our holiday guide!

Two Cases, Two Places!

Whether you're soaking up the sun in Santorini, or island hopping around the Med, with Apatchy's guide to packing, you're sure to be prepped for any occasion. Not only do we have the little tips and tricks that ensure your suitcase will be packed to perfection, we also include our very own travel must-haves! 

1) The Early Bird Catches the Plane.

It sounds painfully obvious... but planning what you need for your holiday at least one week before your flight will ensure minimal last minute panics over missing flip flops and squeezing half of your wardrobe inside your carry on. By laying out your outfits ready to go straight into your bags, you can choose colour co-ordinated clothes that compliment each other, so that you don't end up bringing enough clothes to plan two outfits per day. And, what's more, the earlier you get ready for packing, the more excited you will be for your trip away!

2) Keep Rolling With It.

Now that we have agreed to plan outfits in advance, tossing any unnecessary items that only weigh your suitcase down into the back of your wardrobe again, I am going to introduce a little tip that will save your poor suitcase in more than one way... 

...Roll your clothes!

By rolling your clothes up instead of folding them, and packing them airtight into your suitcase, you will be economising on space and saving them from creasing. This means that you will have extra room for last season's Louboutins AND still be able to cram in those duty free bargains on the way home. 

3) Identity Crisis

Spruce up your suitcase this holiday - be sure to shop Apatchy's personalised luggage tags so that you don't get that panic-stricken moment at the luggage carousel as you try and identify your suitcase amongst the rest. Because there's nothing worse than returning from your holiday with someone else's dirty laundry and worn out footwear!

4) Handbag Essentials

Have your passport and boarding pass in an organised compartment of your handbag at all times. Even better - have it safely stored with your phone and headphones in your personalised mini case from Apatchy! With your name and initials standing out boldly in your bag, it is not only a stylish way to safeguard your valuables, it is practical too. 

5) Sun, Sand and Sea Savvy

Getting bikini ready isn't the only type of beach preparation to get on with this holiday. Make sure you stay sand-free and safe from the sun with our various accessories perfect for downtime at the beach! 

Starting with our personalised tablet case that can protect your kindle or iPad from all that sand! This nifty little gadget protector is perfect for transporting your kindle from the hotel to beach, and with your initials on the front, this practical case looks stylish too!

Our next must have beach products are our stunning Hammam Towels, in baby blue and soft pink. Our traditional Hammam towels are made in the same way as they have for generations, from the Turkish baths centuries ago. The super absorbent, lightweight, fast drying characteristics of our towels create a very popular and practical alternative to the traditional beach towel. Use them to lie by the pool, on the beach and even wear them as a sarong when you need to get a refill from the bar!

Now that you have read our holiday blog, we hope you have a wonderful time, and be sure to check out our Holiday page here for last minute must haves that have been mentioned in this article!