Pyjama Blog

The last two weeks in January are traditionally regarded as the darkest of months. Consisting of fading Christmas memories, short and dark days, miserable weather and failed resolutions, 'tis now the season to curl up in front of a warm fire with a soothing hot chocolate and good book. In fact, with the sun hardly daring to show his face at the moment, we suggest you throw on your Apatchy lounge wear for comfort and surrender to the dark!

Although it can be a depressing struggle to get back to work after the festivities of November and December, the age groups that are known to suffer just as much from the January Blues seems to be students. What with tackling exams in this cold and dark month, alongside a great wave of homesickness after spending quality time with the family, expect a few teary phone calls home!

The perfect way to help your child overcome this feeling is by letting them know that you are thinking of them. Why not send them a little piece of home to defeat the homesickness experienced? A delicious hamper full of their favourite tea, hot chocolate and snacks to bring back those little comforts? Or a pair of their favourite pyjamas that smell just like their own bedrooms or your fresh ironing!

To really spoil them, why not send them a luxurious pair of Apatchy pyjamas. Designed with comfort and style in mind, the soft and thick brush cotton pyjamas are complimented by our 100% cotton navy tee. If both are bought as a set, they are sent with a free personalised gift bag, perfect for storing them neatly and stylishly at the end of your bed!