Shop bags for men from Apatchy. Our unique collection of bags for men can be used every day, due to their lightweight yet spacious nature. They are perfect as a practical gift, and can be used as a sports bag, university bag, overnight bag or school bag...Read more

With a range of styles to suit all ages, these practical bags and holdalls are all designed with the purpose of function. Made from materials such as waxed cotton, waterproofed cotton canvas and tarpaulin, they not only look smart but are there to assist your everyday life. You will soon be dependent on your Apatchy bag to protect your valuables and safely store your belongings!


With different styles to suit every nature, these functional day bags make the perfect gift for him due to the unique way that they can be personalised. All Apatchy bags are instantly personalised with innovative 'micro-gripper' patches, or monogrammed steel tags. These range from initials to sports patches and Union Jack patches to complete the style of each bag. The patches act in a similar way to Velcro, gripping on to the style area of our bags. To see a demonstration of how they work, please visit our  Personalisation Page.

If you do not wish to have a bag that features initials, our  customised bags are just for you. With a range of Union Jack patches as an alternative to grip on to the style area, our day bags look just as sophisticated and practical.

To complete the final look, most of our bags can be gift wrapped in our smart branded gift boxes to complete our range of unique gifts for him.