Personalised Pencil Cases

Today, the Apatchy pencil case is something of an icon, kickstarting our small business into the flourishing brand that it is now. So what's better than creating a homage page to the little piece of desk candy that is sure to revolutionise the classroom?!

With the ability to fit six stunning patches, each pencil cases can be personalised instantly with our exclusive micro-grip technology that acts like Velcro™.  And what's even better than having the most unique pencil case in school is that it accommodates the large ruler and calculator required, as well as all the pens, pencils, paintbrushes, protractors... (the list is endless!)

With a true range of styles that vary from the pinktastic collection to the tarpaulin collection, we have a pencil case to suit every child, and our vast assortment of sports patches and sequin symbols complete the personalised gift that is an instant win amongst all children - from the football hooligan to the teacher's pet!