Gym January

In the middle of the coldest and darkest months, we caught up with our Equestrian Ambassador Maddie Taylor, on how to stay motivated on the run up to the eventing season...

 "January is a hard month for everyone, but it's especially difficult balancing University work with a part time job, dissertation, and three horses at the moment, so it's important that I get a good balance of the right nutrition and exercise to keep me pushing through."

With inspiration and advise that varies from food and nutrition to workouts, here are her top five ways to stay motivated this winter:

Top Five Ways to stay motivated this Winter...

1) The Gym Buddy

When it comes to getting motivated, a gym buddy is the perfect way to stay motivated and committed. Suddenly, classes and sessions do not feel so daunting and boring, and it's much more difficult cancelling or postponing when you're ditching out on a friend!

2) Work From Home

Nowadays, getting fit doesn't even require a gym membership. With great fitness and exercise blogs such as Emily Skye on Facebook, and Kayla Itstines on Instagram, exercise plans from in your bedroom or lounge are becoming just as effective. It also means there is no excuse if you can't get to the gym that day, and with fifteen minute ab workouts available, even being too busy isn't an excuse!

3) Mix It Up

Mixing your fitness routines up is definitely the best way to stay motivated during the winter months. Balancing your gym routine with a class such as yoga, as well as keeping fit using the great outdoors for fresh air - riding, running or cycling.

Athough riding three horses most days helps me stay active even in the winter months, I also enjoy yoga to keep my joints strong and supple, as well as a weekend jog as a way to wind down and relieve any university stress.

4) All The Gear...

Nothing beats exercising in new fitness wear, whether it's brand new trainers, leggings or hoodies. It not only makes you look forward to the gym, increasing motivation, the right active wear also means a more enjoyable and successful workout. A great bag to keep your gear together is also important, and I never go anywhere without the customised gym hodall for Apatchy. It's big enough for trainers, towel, a change of clothes and my personalised makeup bag, and doubles up as a weekend away bag perfectly. 

5) New recipes

Keeping creative with food and recipes is a great way to maintain all the hard work you've been doing, and also keeps your body fuelled with the right nutrients to withstand winter.

As breakfast is the most important part of the day, this breakfast bowl sets me up for the day. Featuring Lizi's Granola, oatmeal, almond milk and banana, it also has chia seeds for an extra hit of protein and fibre. Topped with raw cacao and rice protein powder, I have added peanut butter and nutella for sweetness.