Results Just In...

A level results day has finally arrived, and for thousands of students across the UK, it is a day that determines the future career path that many teens have aimed and worked hard for. Whether it’s university, college, a gap year or apprenticeship, it is an extremely exciting time that determines the next steps that each person takes.

We caught up with Exeter student and rugby ambassador James McRae, to discuss life at University, from first impressions to the great social life that the campus has to offer…

First Impressions

"On arriving at campus, around two hundred and fifty miles away from the small village that I grew up in, my first impression was that Exeter University was HUGE. 

Like any university, there are thousands more people than there were at school, and you just have to try to not be overwhelmed. The first thing to do after settling in and sharing some beers with your new housemates is to check out the fresher events where you can meet people from all different societies. I just threw myself in and had a great time checking out all the things that I'm interested in. 

The Exeter Way of Life

A lot of the Exeter lifestyle focuses around sport, and whether at a high level or just intermural everyone seems to do something. The socials for all sports are always well organised, I even got involved with intramural netball last year!

Exeter is also great in the summer because we're near the coast. We have a lot of beaches near which are great fun when the weather is good.

On Sports and Societies:

The rugby club is obviously a big part of my uni life. We train up to eight times a week together and can have two games a week. We also have socials on Wednesday and other team events where we'll go for meals together. 

The highlights of the rugby social calendar would have to be the annual Christmas and end of season dinners, although we all enjoy attending the University's infamous Safer Sex Ball and the Enchanted Garden Ball to end each year with friends, fireworks and a whole lot of fun.

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